About Us

To promote and support acceptable, accessible and affordable quality Palliative Care for individuals and families by creating networks of informed and empowered institutions in Kenya

Advocating for Quality Palliative Care in Kenya

Palliative care in Kenya is continually growing. Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) is a national association formed to represent all palliative care service providers in Kenya.

KEHPCA’s mission is to scale up palliative care services to bridge the very significant gap between those who already receive services and those in need but cannot access. This encompasses addressing issues of accessibility, affordability and quality.

KEHPCA develops effective working relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders including development partners and donors, government ministries, bureaucrats, technocrats, legislators, regulators, NGO’s and interest groups to widen awareness and advocate for palliative care. KEHPCA’s main activities include education and training of health care professionals and non professionals, research for palliative care in Kenya, provision of technical support for palliative care service providers, initiating new service centres, advocacy, programme developments, and fundraising.

Our Objectives

  • To advocate and create awareness about the needs and care of adults and children with life threatening illnesses.
  • To scale up palliative care services across Kenya.
  • Promotion of training and education, capacity building and research.
  • To advocate for recognition of palliative care as key component of primary health care.
  • To harmonize and promote standards for palliative care.
  • To monitor and evaluate hospice and palliative care programmes.

Our Approach

  • We believe in excellence and through our member institutions offer compassion to clients and families suffering from life limiting illnesses.
  • Up hold truthfulness, transparency, accountability, shared roles, respect and responsibility.
  • Commitment to ethics, team work, hospitality and stewardship in resources management.