Hospice: AIC Litein Mission Hospital

AIC Litein Hospital is a rural faith-based non-governmental medical institution fully owned and managed by the Africa Inland Church (AIC). It is a 160-bed medical facility that operates as a level 4 hospital enjoying same status as a district hospital. The idea of setting up a comprehensive palliative care programme at AIC Litein hospital was mooted in 2004 when the need for palliative care was recognized. Nurses and volunteers have been trained in palliative care and HIV/AIDS related illnesses. The Palliative Care Unit staff includes a Clinical Officer who has attained a diploma in palliative care, three registered nurses who have undergone and qualified in palliative care training and a Chaplain who oversees spiritual counseling.

Address:AIC Litein Mission Hospital, Litein/Kericho Rd, Litein, Kericho. PO Box 200, Litien, 20210
Town: Kericho
Contact person: Sarah Rono
Email: liteinpalliative@gmail.com, chebetsarah73@yahoo.com
Telephone: +254-52-54026 or +254-723089784/+254728488536

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