KICOSHEP-K (Kibera Integrated Community Self-Help Programme – Kenya), was founded in a sparse dingy clinic at the shanty settlement of Kibera in 1991. The majority of patients were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS related ailments, revealing the impact and spread of HIV/AIDS within the Kibera community and confirming the recent discovery that Kibera slum records the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in Nairobi. The growing concern surrounding the overwhelming burden developing as a result of the AIDS pandemic shaped KICOSHEP’s Vision and Mission

Address: PO Box 49531, GPO 00100
Town: Nairobi
Contact: Rev. Anne Owiti
Email: info@kicoshepkenya.org
Phone: +254 (0)20 601881
FAX: +254 (0)20 607936
Website: http://www.kicoshepkenya.org