Hospice: AIC Kijabe Hospital

Since it was established in 1915, AIC Kijabe hospital has continued to experience tremendous growth and change over the years. The hospital is currently a referral equipped with new 9 unit operating theater rooms, modern ICU, Dental, Laboratory, Pathology units and a palliative care unit. The palliative care unit was established in the year 2002 with the objectives of offering hope and relief from suffering to patients with life limiting illnesses. The services offered at the palliative care unit in-patient and out patient services; home-based care; pain management and other distressing symptoms; bereavement care; spiritual care and educational programs for health care and non health care professionals and volunteers.

Address: Palliative Care Unit, AIC Kijabe Hospital, PO Box 20, Kijabe 00220
Town: Kijabe
Contact: Naomi Ndung’u

{+254} 704 405152
{+254} 736 507666
{+254} 020 3246453/500

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