Hospice: Maua Methodist Hospital

Maua Methodist Hospital is the primary care facility for residents living in the greater Maua area with a population of over 1 million people. The hospital is considered a regional medical center with services for general medicine, dental service, maternity service, palliative care and others. The palliative care unit serves an average of 1,300 patients annually, 970 of whom are on ART treatment and 800 patients are enrolled in the NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund Scheme) a big financial relief in payment of hospital admission bills.
Address: Maua Methodist Hospital, PO Box 63, Meru North, 60600 Maua

Town: Meru
Contact: Mr. Stephen Gitonga
Email: mmhpallcl@gmail.com, stevegito@yahoo.com
Telephone: +254-64-210-03/21107 or +254-733361286
Website: http://www.mckmauahospital.org/

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