Hospice: Nakuru

Consultations for the establishment of Nakuru Hospice were begun in 2005 by Elizabeth Ndung’u. Working closely with KEHPCA and Nairobi Hospice developments were supported, and in 2006 an initial palliative care training took place for 40 health care professionals from Nakuru. By 2008, positive negotiations with Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital resulted in two small rooms allocated to the hospice, which started functioning officially in 2009. The hospice recently moved to a newly renovated building adjacent to the main hospital, and serves patients within the Rift valley region in Kenya.

Address: Nakuru Hospice, PO Box 7218, Nakuru 20110
Contact person: Elizabeth Ndung’u, Pamela Owame, Naomi Kanagwa
Telephone: +254-720-854661 + +254-722-771-409
Email: nakuruhospice@gmail.com
Website: http://www.nakuruhospice.org
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