Hospice: Tenwek Hospice

Located within Tenwek Mission Hospital which is a Christian mission hospital in rural southwestern Kenya, with 300 beds. Tenwek Hospital serves a population of 800,000 for primary healthcare and serves as a surgery referral center for the entire region of more than 8.5 million people. Tenwek Hospice was established in 2001 by Nurse Ruth Tomisawa. Since that time, over 500 home visits have been made.

Address: Tenwek Mission Hospital Palliative Care Unit, PO Box 39, Bomet 20400
Contact person: Dr. Steve Manchester, Evaline Nge’no
Email: tenwek@tenwek.com, hospice@tenwek.com, evengeno@gmail.com
Phone: +254-20-220-45542 or +254 728 091900
Website: http://www.tenwek.org/

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