We exist to promote access to quality palliative care for all in need across the country.


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KEHPCA uses a multisectoral approach to promote access to palliative care up to the community level.



1. Member revitalization and development

Critical to palliative care development care stakeholders who contribute to the advancement of palliative care through capacity and evidence building, service delivery and implementation, and policy formulation.  This strategic pillar focuses heavily on engaging all the stakeholders and allies of palliative care at all levels to support palliative care advancement.

3. Palliative Care Advancement

KEHPCA will be strengthened to take lead in the coordination role working with the ministry of health and other stakeholders to drive palliative care in line with global and national guidelines and frameworks.Successful implementation of this Strategic Plan requires a multi-sectoral approach and collaboration among stakeholders.  Though primarily driven by KEHPCA, the implementation of the Strategic Plan rests with multiple stakeholders which KEHPCA will link with on a time to time basis.

2. Information, Education, and Awareness

This strategic pillar seeks to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and co-participate meaningfully in the production and access to palliative care that responds to their needs.  Through relaying tailored and appropriate Information, Education, and Awareness, we provide knowledge, capability, opportunity, and resources that people and communities need to be articulate a demand-driven for quality palliative care services.

4. KEHPCA Strengthening

Good governance and management structures are crucial in providing credibility and accountability including the efficient use of funds to provide care and potentially increased access to donor funding. KEHPCA believes that addressing financial challenges and identifying real opportunities for change will strengthen its organisational development, especially its financial sustainability. Strengthen accountability and effectiveness by promoting the implementation of key KEHPCA policy guidelines and ensuring compliance. 

Our Vision

Quality Palliative Care for all in Kenya.

Our Mission

To promote and support acceptable, accessible and affordable quality Palliative Care for individuals and families by creating networks of informed and empowered institutions in Kenya.

Our Goal

To enhance provision of Palliative care and improve the quality of life of persons affected with life threatening illnesses and their families


Our values are anchored by the words of Dame Cicely Saunders – Founder of the Modern Hospice movement “You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.”

Excellence: We believe in continuous review of standards of palliative care services offered to PLWPCN with the goal of improving their quality of life
Compassion: We aim to positively impact the quality of life of PLWPCNs by ensuring provision of PC in a kind empathetic manner
Accountability: We take responsibility and provide good stewardship of all resources entrusted to us
Teamwork: We believe in working together, yet independently with all our stakeholders towards the same goal

Latest News

Embracing Compassion through Rehabilitative Palliative Care

Embracing Compassion through Rehabilitative Palliative Care

Meet Emmanuel Mayakah Onduso, a compassionate and experienced rehabilitative palliative care specialist with a rich career spanning over 15 years. Having dedicated his expertise to palliative care in various renowned institutions; including Kenyatta National Hospital...

KEHPCA is a National Association representing and supporting Hospices and Palliative Care providers in Kenya. 

We use a multisectoral approach to promote access to palliative care up to the community level.

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