It has been more than 2 years since Peter’s mother (Margaret), passed away at the local Hospital, but he still fondly remembers his first encounter. When his mother’s health began to rapidly decline, Peter knew he was going to need help taking care of her. It took Peter’s mother a couple of months of battling cancer and driving back and forth from home to Meru Hospital where finally the doctor’s referred his mother to Meru Hospice.



“I took my mother to Meru Hospice on August 2014. I was met at the door by the sweetest-talking nurse. She made us both feel very comfortable and eased my nerves because I was somewhat frightened about taking my mother there,” recalls Peter. “The nurse was extremely kind to us; she had the most calming, soothing voice I think I have ever heard.”


Peter overwhelmed with gladness remarks, “The Hospice team provided my mum around-the-clock care she desperately needed and provided me a sense of relief and support. The Meru hospice was one of the most hospitable, caring environments that I’ve ever encountered. I was kept very well informed of my mother’s progress. I was always given the utmost respect and all my siblings were given the same respect that I got. The members of staff were extremely friendly, always asking how I was feeling. Thanks to the excellent care Margaret and her family received at the Hospice.”


Peter is a taxi driver to this day and continues to brag about the Hospice staff by describing them as knowledgeable and professional.


“It must be very tough to be a hospice nurse, but they are special people…like angels.” Peter recalls how the nurses and staff made sure his mother was comfortable, that she had all the medications she needed, and that she didn’t suffer in her final days. “I highly recommend Meru Hospice because of how well they treated my mother, my family and I. If it hadn’t been for the Hospice, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Peter wanted to find a way to give back to Hospice, so he began volunteering.


“I’ve been volunteering for almost 2 years and I enjoy it. I first started out volunteering in the Hospice demonstration garden and assist in cooking for the patients during day care. I then started helping trimming the flower beds and helped the hospice team in landscaping and beautification of the new site for the grand opening in March 2016. I enjoyed it so much, I haven’t left. I plan to continue to do all I can to support Meru Hospice,” remarks Peter our devoted volunteer.

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