Picture your family receiving news so devastating you start to question everything in life. Well that was the case for the Ndaba family when one close relative was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The responsibility of caring for him fell upon the family and it is the ripple effect from this that led to establishment of Trinity Care Centre. A search for an ideal place for their uncle to receive care started in the outskirts of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. The search grew and was frustrating as the facilities available then were few. And is some cases, the care that was provided was not up to standard. The family finally settled on caring for him at their farm in Ngong, Kajiado County.

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While the Ndabas cared for their uncle until he eventually passed away, most people in Kenya do not have such privileges. They will rarely or never be in a position to place their loved ones in hospice care. This experience though emotionally and physically demanding, was very rewarding in the sense that it gave birth to the idea of setting up a facility to cater to other members of the Kenyan community who go through the challenges of trying to place their loved ones in a quality facility but unfortunately are not able to so, due to the lack of enough palliative care facilities in the country.

That was the beginning of the journey in palliative care for Trinity Care Centre. It was subsequently registered as a healthcare facility to provide hospice based services to cancer patients and also long term nursing care to those in need. Situated on the panoramic foothills of Ngong, the centre and its staff strive to provide quality services to terminally ill patients and treat them with the dignity they deserve during the end stages of their illnesses.

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To date Trinity Care Centre continues to provide much needed services to the community at large and give exceptional care to the terminally ill. The directors of the care Centre also envision a time in the near future when they will be conducting health outreach programs as well as screening drives, to sensitize the public on cancer, a disease that will soon be the number one killer disease in the country.

By Trinity Care Centre

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