welcome to the 6th KEHPCA National Palliative Care Conference

Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) is pleased to invite you to the 6th National Palliative Care Conference 2023 whose theme focuses on access to palliative care for all. The conference seeks to consolidate the lessons learned and share new lenses for palliative care through the pillars of equity and inclusivity. It also seeks to encourage access to palliative care by Whoever needs it, provided Whenever it is needed, Wherever the patient is by Whoever is able to provide the care. 

The conference aims to bring together delegates from Kenya, the African region, and the world to a forum for lesson sharing and knowledge translation for equitable and inclusive palliative care. In order to address the rising triple burden of disease due to communicable, non-communicable and emerging epidemics, innovative approaches must be employed. The focus will be equity through inclusivity on the beneficiaries of palliative care and their care givers, the timing of palliative care, the setting of palliative care provision, and other stakeholders. 

Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is possible with integration of palliative care services across health systems. The aim is to cushion children and adults from poverty and provide for long term economic development .

The conference will attract key note speakers from around the globe and provide great opportunities for professional development and networking. The conference will begin with a full day of exciting preconference workshops on 15th November 2023. This will be followed by two days of conference plenaries, free paper and poster presentations under two main tracks;  

  • Track I: Equitable access to palliative care through inclusivity;
  • Track 2: Equitable and inclusive health care systems for palliative care integration

The conference to be held in the Western Lake region in Kenya provides an opportunity for palliative care growth and integration by the stakeholders within and around the region. It is also an exciting chance for delegates to visit Lake Victoria and participate in local excursions .

We look forward to hosting you in Kisumu as we work together to make palliative care as available as air. 

Karibu sana! (Welcome).  

Mackuline Atieno

Executive Director