Background information

The Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) was registered in October 2005 as a non-profit organization to represent hospice and palliative care service providers in Kenya, with a Vision of Quality Palliative Care for all in Kenya. Palliative care is an integrated service that improves the quality of life for people with life-threatening conditions throughout their life journey. Palliative care and patient support are included in the Kenya frameworks such as the Health Law, the Kenya National Patients’ Right Charter, and the palliative care policy. The increasing burden of non-communicable diseases including late diagnosis and treatment of cancers and the prevalence and rising persistent communicable diseases; make palliative care an essential part of health care services.

KEHPCA exists to ensure that every person alive matters and those that need palliative care must not be discriminated against based on their health profile. Our efforts aim to achieve a positive impact on the quality of life of people with palliative care needs and to help them live their best despite the diagnosis. KEHPCA uses a multi-sectoral approach to promote access to palliative care up to the community level by engaging various partners, including; palliative care providers, the ministry of health, county governments, development partners, and communities. Core to KEHPCA’s work and approach is the integration of palliative care at all levels from the health facilities to the community level through capacity building, mentorship, patient and caregiver support. With over 16 years of dedication to palliative care work, KEHPCA is a powerful voice for persons living with palliative care needs

To enhance learning and knowledge translation in palliative care and related fields, KEHPCA has held biannual conferences since its inception. The last (5th) National Palliative Care Conference was held in 2018. Four years into the advent of COVID 19 in 2019 KEHPCA, and its partners have experienced much learning that brought new dimensions to the role of palliative care. The 2023 KEHPCA conference seeks to consolidate the lessons learned and share new lenses for palliative care. Specifically, the conference seeks to present palliative care through the lenses of equity and inclusivity and encourage access to palliative care by Whoever needs it, provided Whenever it is needed, Wherever the patient is by Whoever is able to provide the care.