Gold, more precious than silver and more valuable than diamonds, is one of the worlds most sought after metals. No one would want to pass up the opportunity to dig for gold, no matter how hard it gets. Which brings the wonder as to why a majority of people are passing up the chance to dig for gold during this month of September, but lucky for us time has decided to wait for man, as the Childhood Cancer month is still ongoing for the few days left in the month.
It is known that one of the major causes of death in the world today is cancer. At least 14.1 million people are being diagnosed with cancer each year, making it about 1,700 people every hour. The month of September is globally known as Childhood Cancer month.
Getting involved with pediatric cancer does not necessarily need you to be the King, there are various ways to be helpful and show your participation or involvement such as:
• Fundraise
Put the fun in fundraise and have fun while you raise money, by organizing your own event like a music concert, or funrazor (shave your beard or hair for brave kids or getting involved in the national/international events.). You could also have a bake sale, sell branded t-shirts and bands.
• Schools
Nominate teachers, staff, colleagues, group of friends or other schools to accept a challenge such as sports challenge, dress up as a character or sing your conversations for the day, e.t.c. Vote for who you want to do their challenge by putting money in their collection bucket. The person with the most money has to do their challenge and the money collected to be donated to the children cancer stations.
• Volunteer
Giving some of your time to help the children or the family can make a very big difference in their lives.

• Campaign
Run a campaign or join a campaign movement like the wig Wednesday in New Zealand, whereby the community comes together buying and wearing wigs to raise money for cancer patients.
• Supporter’s products.
Ask various retail shops to give some of the proceedings they get from sales of certain items to the cancer patients.
• Share an image.
Share the images, videos and stories of the children with cancer on your social media platforms to show your support.

September is Childhood Cancer month and GOLD is the symbolic color of childhood cancer which shows Strength, Courage and Resiliency. This is what the little hearts battling cancer at the hospital or at home show. Let us dig for gold by showing support for children with cancer. Turn your social profiles, homes, work place, schools, communities’ gold for kids with cancer, #GOLD4Hope.

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