Writing for the HAU website, Dr Anne has dedicated her nomination to all who have worked with her to care for those suffering across Africa and the rest of the world.

This is to congratulate and thank the teams at HAU in KLA, MHM and LHH, the organisations that have taken up the call: PCAU, APCA and PCU, Makerere, the Ministry of Health, the International Programmes Team, the Founders of Hospice Africa in Liverpool, those specially in the shops, Pete and all in the old Swan shop, and all in the Ainsdale shop, the diaspora groups in UK, Ireland, USA. Holland and France, the shop volunteers in Juignon du Lac, Brittany, all the volunteers who have participated, all the donors from the widows, right to the BIG ones, but particularly to those throughout Africa who are spreading the word to care for those suffering so much in a continent with so little access to curative therapy and research for cancers.

To all those who have continued to recognise God’s plan and His work through us to bring peace to our patients and families, and have supported with prayers, you are so special.

It is in recognition that a simple and affordable solution (oral morphine solution made up near to the patient) to pain control in the African situation, suitable for use in the home, culturally appropriate and acceptable, has opened the door to palliative care in Africa. That with the caring support of each of you, it has been possible to bring peace to those suffering in those countries who have accepted this solution and has hope for those who are still in need.

This nomination for the Nobel Peace prize is in my name, but it is for you. It is here to assist us to move forward more quickly as we must always remember those we cannot reach, who are suffering so much still, akin to torture. Hopefully news of this nomination will bring even more on board to help with prayer, volunteerism, caring skills and funding to train more in this essential and cross cutting specialty of palliative care.

God continue to bless you in all your endeavours. I thank God for each of you and for the special work we are privileged to do for His people.


Look out for further coverage of Dr Anne’s nomination on ehospice.

Find out more about Dr Anne’s work on the HAU website.

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