Are you a healthcare professional in a developing country? Would you like to learn more about palliative care? Has planning palliative care for cancer patients proved challenging? ecancer’s free online course on palliative care was designed just for you.

This course is accredited by theAfrican Palliative Care Association, and was developed in partnership with experts from the region, supported by VUCCnet, Cardiff University, the University of Cape Town and several other contributors.

“We hope that these modules will help you to improve your practice and skills, so that patients in Africa and beyond can get good-quality palliative care,” says Dr Emmanuel Luyirika, Executive Director of the African Palliative Care Association.

The twenty modulescoveran essential range of topics; from pain management and specific symptoms, to spiritual care and the grieving process, these modules provide an excellent education on all aspects of palliative care.

The course offers a supportive learning environment, helpful quizzes, learning assessments, and certificates for completing each module. Each module is only an hour long, and can be paused and repeated at any time, allowing for flexible learning. For participants with slower internet connections, ecancer offers a text-based course as well.

Learn more about ecancer’s palliative care e-learning course for African healthcare professionals by visiting the Education page at

Alternatively, visit the course directly by clicking here.

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