Life is too precious! Once you lose it, its game done! But many people take it for granted and forget that it is never a must to sleep and wake up every morning healthy, it is by God’s grace that we manage. Probably an encounter with ‘death’ would help one learn to appreciate or learn to assist those who need help to survive or either go through some hard moments in life. The bottom line is, ‘simply make it your business to be caring!’

Over the last 4 years, Thika level five palliative care champions – Kiambu County have successfully  attend to over 1000 palliative patients with hope that with sensitization and provision of community training on the services, the numbers will increase and the many ailing patients hidden in homes will come out and access palliative care.

Health care has been devolved and is being managed by the county governments. Palliative care being everyone’s business compelled Kiambu County- Health management team officials to make it their business to understand the importance of palliative care during their meeting held on 16th February 2016 at Thika Level five hospitals. Dr. Asaph Kinyanjui – Director of Programs from Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) made a brief presentation about the palliative care services, achievements of KEHPCA working with Thika level five and other level four hospitals within Kiambu County. He also gave the recommendations to the committee members who seemed impressed and encouraged to support the integration of palliative care in the county’s health strategy. “We acknowledge that health care has been devolved and the counties need to own this initiative for us to get the desired goals” said one of the members.

Thika Level five Medical Superintendent Dr.Toro, who chaired the meeting, appointed Dr.Evelyne Kimani –Director of Programs Kiambu County to work closely with KEHPCA and other stakeholders to ensure that the integration of Palliative Care issue in the county’s strategy is implemented. This will ensure that there is continuous education for health care workers and services available at all levels of healthcare in the county. KEHPCA left with the hope that the devolved Kiambu County will embrace the noble initiative to ensure that the quality of life of the affected people and their families are improved within and without the County.

In addition, KEHPCA is planning to work with all other counties to ensure they buy in and support integration of palliative care at all levels of health care. The association will continue working with the Ministry of Health to ensure the necessary frameworks are put in place to ensure patients receive quality services.thika ehospice

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