It is funny how many people turned up to vote for the constitution yet if asked to quote an article or give reference to it nobody would raise their hands to do so.This is the ignorance that is around Kenya and moreover the ignorance in Palliative Care where people are denied their rights while others face oppression, their rights not being respected. Some things that seem basic according to Advocate Nduru Gichamba, are not that basic.

When shown a video of the many people in Kenya who are suffering from life threatening illnesses, many of those present put on a sad face. The aftermath of the couples affected sometimes becomes nasty to the part that a husband would beat up their wife because they are incapable of giving them conjugal rights.

When asked if your spouse is allowed to ask for conjugal rights when the partner is having terminal illnesses, Nairobi Hospice Dr. Brigid Sirengo quickly pops up with an interesting statement, “For better or for worse.”

There is also a heated debate over who should get what from inheritance and the women, in as much as KELIN’s (A legal NGO promoting and protecting HIV related Human Rights in Eastern Africa) advocate Belice Odamna tried to convince them, felt aggrieved that they were being oppressed by the laws of the land; that to them seemed to be leaning on the male gender more. This debate had to be cleared but many were dispersed not feeling satisfied by the law they voted for in the very beginning. Children issues were also discussed and a few ground rules and exceptions were given. Children can also represent themselves in the court according to pro bono lawyer Ms. Melba Katindi.

With end remarks from the training group leader Lynette Kitui and Nairobi Hospice C.E.O Dr. Brigid Sirengo, many were appreciative remarks to those in attendance for their good corporation and also from the organizers of the training, KEHPCA (Kenya Hospice and Palliative Care Association). All the expectations as per the participants were nearly if not all addressed a fete deemed a light at the end of the tunnel.

The participants were also issued with certificates by KEHPCA and KELIN that they gladly took  home ready to take a new step in palliative care, the paralegal aspect of it and help the many people in the community that are encountered with legal issues.

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