By December 2011, Kenyan Hospices and Palliative Care Units had provided care and support for around 30,000 patients, including 1,200 children over the year. Their work changes lives through providing effective pain relief, clinical care, subsidized or free medication, counselling and spiritual care.

Pamoja, the 2011 annual KEHPCA Hospice and Palliative Care Unit newsletter brings together news from Kenya’s hospices, painting a picture of the crucial work that has taken place across the country over the past year, and the difference it has made to patients lives.

This year 16 hospices and palliative care units have shared their news and achievements. These range from stories of patients for whom palliative care has made a profound impact to their lives, to updates on impressive amounts of work undertaken by hospices across the year,to accounts of impactful World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2011 events.

KEHPCA extend its grateful thanks to all organisations for sharing their stories, and particularly to Kimbilio Hospice and Laikipia Palliative Care Centre for submitting their first annual updates, after launching to the public in 2011.

Download Pamoja, Kenya’s 2011 Hospice Newsletter here

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