Raising funds has in most cases been a monotonous serious event. Hope for Cancer Kids (HCK) however opted for a fun packed activity involving a win- win situation, paying for a delicacy (a cake) while you help raise funds for a child suffering from cancer. What better way to do it than a Bake Sale!

The turnout exceeded expectations as people didn’t just raise funds; they expressed interest in being part of the larger cause- becoming friends of the Hope for Cancer Kids. The Bake Sale also served as a platform for raising awareness on childhood cancer needs. As a result the event will be frequent and involve different counties acting as an avenue to educate the public on childhood cancer.

Hope for Cancer Kids, aims to support children from financially challenged backgrounds diagnosed with cancer by sponsoring their annual NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) payments. The bake sale will help raise funds for such cases. It can also provide an opportunity for the people who want to help get a chance to make a difference in the life of a child with cancer in turn being a hero to a helpless child.

Royal Delites and Charlie’s Cakes were the sponsors of the event. Providing the cakes without charging ensured the proceeds directly went to kids diagnosed with cancer.

Hope for Cancer Kids future plans include; Carry out country wide campaign on creation of awareness and advocacy on childhood cancers and also Increase the cure rate of cancer in the country by advocating for early diagnosis and treatment.

HCK is looking forward to partnering with more organisations to ensure that it meets its objective of no child has to suffer again, alone.


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