It is a new age saying among the young people nowadays, You Only Live Once (YOLO). Well, for patients at Nairobi Hospice in Nairobi, their latest day care this was the mantra.

Four corporate partners of the hospice were visiting the patients to offer hair and beauty services and makeovers. And on this particular day surprisingly only female patients had come for day care.

After the regular introduction of patients where they say their names, talk about what ails them and their progress in terms of treatment and care, and say something about themselves they would like to share be it encouragement or seek personal encouragement; they were also introduced to their visitors.

A local hair products company Darling Kenya; a leading pharmacy Lyntons Pharmacy; a local spa, Premier and a company known as Make Up by Rose were on hand to beautify the patients and boost their confidence and self esteem, which are two things they need in plenty.

The makeup and grooming session for the patients stared with a facial from the Premier Spa team. Their faces were cleansed and they had masks applied and let to sit for 10 minutes before being rinsed off to reveal a new look.

The ladies then moved on to the makeup booths where ladies from Make Up By Rose and Lyntons Pharmacy were waiting. The patients’ faces were patted with moisturizer before foundation was applied. They were allowed the choice to pick the colour of foundation and concealer to be used. The makeup ladies then applied some powder on the ladies’ faces before asking them to again choose the colours they preferred for their eyes. Application of an eyeliner followed before they had mascara put on. Blush on their cheeks was the next beauty product to be applied and finally lipstick or gloss as per each lady’s preference.

The patients were all joking and saying that, “we never knew we could transform so much in a matter of seconds. We feel like we have a new lease of life even if just for a few hours. It is a really pleasant feeling to be pampered and made up and to regain some semblance of what we thought was our lost beauty.”

From the makeup table, the ladies moved to the hair products table where a team form Darling Kenya worked on their hair and each received a wig to take home with them.

Irene Mbacha, the Communications and Social Media manager at Darling Kenya said of their visit, “we have come with our head of research and development for all our hair products and specifically human hair weaves and wigs so he can offer his special touch and advice to the patients.”

Most patients on the day were suffering from one form of cancer or another and wigs are a necessity for them and more so for those whose treatment has caused their hair to thin out or fall off.

These corporate may not have done anything to change the health status of the patients but they sure did much when it comes to boosting self esteem and confidence of the patients. They made the patients feel valued and appreciated; beautiful and wanted; and above all that despite their health challenges, small wonders like the treats they offered them, that they can still afford to smile and live life.

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