Why become a KEHPCA member?

The increasing number of persons faced with serious health related suffering as a result of communicable
and non-communicable conditions in Kenya creates a huge demand for provision of palliative care
services. Palliative care is provided through an integrated approach across disease conditions.

Who can become a member?

KEHPCA is a powerful voice for persons living with palliative care needs (PLWPCNs) and exists to
promote quality palliative care for all in need. KEHPCA members include direct palliative care providers
and relevant allies.
They include and not limited to hospices, palliative care units in government and non-governmental
hospitals, mission hospitals, nursing homes, civil and/or community-based organizations directly
supporting PLWPCNs.

Individuals and corporates may register as friends of KEHPCA. Friends of KEHPCA registration is open to
persons who are interested in advancing palliative care development through KEHPCA.

Membership requirements/ considerations

– Proof of registration with the relevant government authorities in Kenya.
– Provision of palliative care services.
– Supporting palliative care and its related initiatives.
– Proof of physical location for the organization/ institution.
– NHIF accreditation for service providers

A corporate is a business entity

Registration Process Map

Membership policy

– The membership calendar runs for twelve months (January to December)
– Subscription is due for renewal beginning of every year
– Membership is not transferrable

Members Benefits

– Technical support in palliative care.
– Access to an active community of palliative care experts.
– Networking opportunities with palliative care experts in various fora organized by KEHPCA.
– Opportunity to partner with KEHPCA in advocating for access to quality health care.
– Access to critical learning, skill building and professional development through education programs
– Opportunity to undertake joint research initiatives/ programs with KEHPCA.
– Opportunity to submit and publish your palliative care and related information/news on KEHPCA
– Enjoy reduced rates at KEHPCA events.
– Recommendation letters from KEHPCA while applying for funds and grants for organizational support.
– Voting rights during the Annual General Meeting
– Receive regular updates on local and international palliative care initiatives and activities including
-Display of paid-up membership on the website

Membership Benefits
Friends of KEHPCA Benefits

– Opportunity to influence public opinion and changing direction of philanthropy
– Certificate of membership
– Logo display for corporates on KEHPCA Website
-Display of friends of KEHPCA on the website
-First hand access to palliative care and related information/ opportunities
– Enjoy reduced rates at KEHPCA events.
-Inclusion on KEHPCAs mailing list
– Recommendation letters from KEHPCA while applying for funds and grants for organizational support

Join Our Community

Please ensure to input your correct email address so we may be able to get back to you. Thank you.

Membership Application

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