It is a sun-kissed morning and from where I am right now, I can feel the warmth. This is contrary to how I have been feeling these past few days; it has been chilly.Probably, the warmth reflects how today will turn out to be, I believe an epic day.
I have attended day care session at Nairobi Hospice and as usual, nurses, care-givers, volunteers and people living with life-threatening diseases have assembled here. They are ready to do what they do best when they gather; pray together, educate and inspire one another.
National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) representatives are also in the building to share information about this health cover. Everyone is attentive, trying to grasp every detail. Well, wondering who is eligible for NHIF health cover? Anyone above the age of 18, all you need is Ksh500 for registration.However, to have your insurance active; you must consistently pay a monthly fee of Ksh500.
With NHIF, every outpatient is treated for free, while inpatients have their bill paid by NHIF at accredited health facilities. However, there is a limit of how much they can pay for both. In addition, those with NHIF heath cover and going through chemotherapy treatment, have the benefit of going through six chemotherapy sessions without paying even a cent.
“NHIF gives you a lot of a health benefits at a smaller fee. Take advantage of that,” explained Peter, a representative from NHIF.
Therefore, NHIF eases your hospital burden; even with limited finances, you are assured that with this cover one can be treated. You know what? At the end of this educative session anyone who did not have a NHIF health cover has registered for free, thanks to NHIF and Nairobi Hospice.

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