KEHPCA were recently invited by one of Kenya’s biggest mobile phone network operators, Airtel, to come and speak to their staff team about cancer awareness and the role of palliative care.

KEHPCA invited Dr Esther Munyoro, Head of the Palliative Care Unit at Kenyatta National Hospital, to make the talk, accompanied by KEHPCA’s Resource Mobiliser Julia Strong.

Dr Munyoro presented to a team of around 30 Airtel staff, and highlighted the most common forms of cancer in Kenya, described common initial symptoms to be aware of for each cancer, explained what the available treatments are, where to go to access them, and what patients can expect from the various cancer treatments.

The Airtel team were able to actively participate in the talk, raising questions on a range of cancer issues that Dr Munyoro was able to advise on.

KEHPCA’s Resource Mobiliser talked on the role of palliative care, where it can be accessed in Kenya, and how Kenyans can support the work of the country’s hospice and palliative care units.

KEHPCA Cancer awareness leaflets were distributed and the Airtel team supported KEHPCA through buying and wearing KEHPCA’s new wristbands, with KEHPCA’s vision statement Quality Palliative Care for All.

Awareness Talks
If you would be interested to hold a hospice and palliative care awareness talk at your company, community group, or faith based organization, please contact KEHPCA on / 020 272 9302. Talks last around 30 minutes and can be tailored to individual organization needs.

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