“You will love this place”, Daphne kept saying as she oriented me to the Communication Department in Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA). It was my first day of internship and Daphne Bochaberi having interned for seven months was ready to take the next step in her profession.

On Friday 16th February 2018, the KEHPCA team congratulated Daphne as she cut her thanksgiving and farewell cake. The celebration took place in the association’s offices at noon. Amidst joy and laughter, Daphne shared the delicious, creamy cake with the members present. The members thanked her for her work as well as for the good relationship she had with them. Daphne gave her appreciations on the opportunities given to her by the association to grow not only in her career but also in her wholeness.

Daphne’s seven months work at KEHPCA from July 2017 to January 2018 has been full of experiences of learning and growth. “I have gotten a real work experience here”, she said. Her responsibilities were both indoor and outdoor activities such as updating KEHPCA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. She wrote 8 articles which she published in both http://www.ehospice.com and www.kehpca.org. She also was involved in organizing and coordinating media activities thus linking the association with the media. Other activities that Daphne was involved in were data entry and taking minutes as well as occasionally manning reception desk. Lastly, she was able to organize and participate in various events.

On behalf of the KEHPCA family, Dr. Asaph Kinyanjui stated that Daphne demonstrated excellent communication skills and exceptional interpersonal skills; she was hard working, keen, and dependable and worked with minimum supervision. She was passionate at her work and very willing to take up new challenges and responsibilities. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enabled her to interact easily with people around her. She was a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

As for me, my smooth integration in KEHPCA could not have been better, what with Daphne’s clear instructions, patience, and encouragement. Thank you, Daphne.

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