In a very special way, we are here to congratulate and thank the people who invested in this health facility: the church, the Non-Governmental Organization, the private sector, partners who came together to put together this facility. As the Government of Kenya, we will partner with you to make sure this facility succeeds. We shall partner together, because you have helped us implement the Government’s agenda. 

You have cooperated with us, especially in the Presidential agenda of the Big Four, in the health sector. The Big Four initiative, especially that of the Universal Health Coverage requires the citizens, private sector and the public sector to partner in developing health facilities for primary health, hospitals for Level I, II, III and IV (the level of this facility). This is because, aside from sustainable financing through the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), our friends and other partners, the insurance cover will have less meaning if there are no facilities for health care provision. 

And therefore, the partnership that has put together this hospital is helping us achieve the President’s Big Four plan, especially the pillar on Universal Health, by providing the health infrastructure, where the beneficiaries of our health insurance program under the NHIF can get quality, reliable, professional service. 

And therefore, I want to say to you the management and the investors of this facility, you will be our partners as Government of Kenya to make sure this facility serves the people of this area, the people of this county and Kenyans in general, by making sure that this facility is accessible to our contributors, especially those who are on our health insurance program. 

His Excellency, Honourable William Samoei Ruto
Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya

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