On 23rd March 2012, the eve of World TB day, a number of organizations led by KELIN, got a glimpse into what it is like to live with drug resistant TB while raising awareness and sensitizing the public to TB.

KELIN, KEHPCA, WOFAK, KANCO and MSF took to the streets outside Nakumat Prestige Matatu Stand on Ngong Road wearing masks.  It wasn’t long before bystanders approached asking inquisitively ‘why are you wearing masks?’ Some looked afraid, walking away quickly covering their mouths, while others stopped and stared.  The group soon won the some of the public over, by talking with them about TB, how it is spread, how to get tested, and why wearing the mask protects from the spread of TB, and soon more and more people were wearing the masks.

From there, the group took a number of matatus to Kenyatta National Hospital, all the way giving out masks and raising awareness.  At KNH, people queued to take the opportunity to be tested for TB.

By Gemma James

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