Whistle-Blowing Form

KEHPCA is committed to ensuring that there are channels for receiving feedback on a concern while protecting the whistle-blower and KEHPCA staff against malicious data. This whistle-blowing form is for reporting incidents per the KEHPCA Whistle-Blowing Policy, downloaded here.



  • The KEHPCA whistle-blowing form enables the provision and receipt of feedback from both KEHPCA and non-KEHPCA employees on misconduct or unethical incidents.
  • All reports will be investigated promptly and thoroughly by competent individuals designated by the management team or the board of governors. The investigation will be conducted fairly, impartially, and with due regard for all individuals’ rights.
  • Any KEHPCA constituent found guilty of fraud, corruption, safety violations, discrimination, harassment, or other forms of misconduct will face appropriate corrective actions, including disciplinary measures, training, or legal acts in line with KEHPCA’s Policies.
  • Whistle-blowers with provided contact will be informed of the outcome of the investigation to the extent possible while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of all parties involved. 

To report a concern, please fill out the whistle-blowing form. You can report misconduct or unethical incidents through any of  the following three  avenues:


  1. Download and fill out the form and upload the completed form anonymously through the link below:

2. Download and fill out the form, then send the completed form to Mackuline Atieno, KEHPCA Executive Director; email ed@kehpca.org

3. Fill in the online form below:

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